Saturday, July 31, 2010

:: i have found the cure! ::

Salam to all my readers

yes, guys. i think i have found the cure to my problem. refer my previous entry if you don't have a clue of what my problem is.

someone told me that, the only way you don't want to forget things is actually take a parchment or a piece of paper, jot them down in a list and put it on your study desk, or you wall, so that when you wake up the next day, you'll see the list right in front of you.

~ an example for a check-list ~

let say you wanna go to a important meeting. the night before, you make a check list of everything needed for the meeting. if you are stupid enough not know what to bring, you might need to ask your friend instead, then put it in your check list. ok, now you are done with the preparation. don't throw away your list, not just yet. like i said earlier, put it on your desk. it can be like a refreshment to you, in case you are late.

yeah, finally, you can go to the meeting, or wherever yo wanna go, with a wide smile on your face as you already packed everything needed. no longer rushing back to your room and forget things.

hope, it can be applied to me, as well as to you guys who got the same problem as me. remember, Allah will not change His servant's life, until they decide to change themselves.

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