Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

a couple of days ago, while i was reading NST, i stumbled across an article written by Audrey Vijaiden, a NST journalist. i found the article interesting because it talks about how we can be rude while using our phone.
technology has made us progress and we can talk to a person who is miles away just by dialing numbers or sending text messages.

to youngsters nowadays, text messages has been a tool to keep connected with each other, and some just can't stop sending text messages regardless of event or company. they feel like losing control or insecure if they are not checking their phone. even if there is no messages or incoming call, they will check to see if the battery is dead.
here i list some of the bad habits that some of us committed constantly.
  • responding to messages or e-mail while in a conversation with someone else
  • fiddling with your mobile phone while someone is trying to have a conversation with you
  • putting the phone on the table when dining
  • cancelling appointments via text messages
  • conducting video calls in public places
  • people who link Twitter, Facebook and email updates causing all messages to be sent out to friends in triplicate
  • and the famous one, texting while driving!!!

when you're in a public place, you need to turn the mode into silent, so that the loud shrill of your phone didn't bother everybody around you. sometimes we take this for granted and don't even bother to see whether the place need us to silent our phone or not. places like hospitals, mosques and library are several places which need us to change phone mode to silent.

~ even Obama needs to be alert of using phone in car! ~

so guys please make sure you are alert with your surrounding after reading my entry. haha. joking. but seriously, this maybe looks like nahh-it's-nothing-laa problem but we don't want all eyes are on us whenever our phone ring do we?? it's like you are the main attention, but in a bad way. got it guys?

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