Sunday, August 22, 2010

:: meeting my juniors ::

Salam to all my readers

today i had a program with my junior of Diploma Sem 1. it was a great meeting as we, seniors, didn't expect anything from the meeting, just wanted to see our junior faces and get to know them. this meeting was called, ermm, i don't know what the exact name of the program but it was organized by Meltech and basically the juniors wanted to meet us, the seniors, to ask everything about MLT world. from how to study to our practical session, everything the need to know.

so, we all woke up pretty late, 8.30 am (after we had our sahur of course) and the program started at 9.30 pm. everyone gathered in a Dewan Kuliah, and had a brainstorm session before we proceeded with in-group session. the first thought i had when i saw my juniors was, they were all looked wayyyyy more matured than me. even one of my classmate said that too.

together with two other girls, i was given the responsibility to conduct a group consist of 5 students, which i thought pretty awesome since i never had a chance in my life to be kinda like a facilitator. we had managed to cover on topics like, knowing the lecturers, how to score exams and tests and the anticipated part for them, the practical session. we also got a chance to share with them our priceless experiences when we was in diploma back then. it went all great and i enjoyed every moment of it.

~ the mentors :) ~

then its photo shoot time! i had taken lots of pics and everybody seemed happy to get their pics taken. even my juniors didn't mind. ya know, some might cover their face with books or whatever things they have just because they are shy or something. fortunately everybody were becoming cam-whore at that time.

we all had a great time and even though we had to wake up early just to attend this small-budget program, i think its worth it. hopefully they can make a good use out of our experiences and stories or as a guidance to become a better person. cehhhh. haha

~ with the juniors. sorry, a bit shaky ~

~ some of the degree part 3 students a.k.a the SENIORS! LOL~

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