Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

today we are going to learn about history. no, it's not about world history or Malaysia history, no, nothing close to that. the only history we're going to learn this time is EMPTYSOUL history. yeah, blog do have history. so i'm gonna unravel the mystery behind a blog named EMPTYSOUL.

before i start, this idea comes after i read Nabilah's blog. the reason i blog is because i like to write. and i don't stick to just one main point. i blog about everything happen in my life. i love to share things with somebody who willing to read my crap. i used to read articles in NST and my dream of owning a personal blog is rise ever since but i don't have someone to look up to, until one day where i stumbled on a blog and found out that it was my friend's blog. so she taught me how to set up a blog and the rest is history.

ok, now, how do i get the 'emptysoul' name. well, the name came out because i was single at that time and all of my buddies were seeing somebody. i felt like, all of them got something in their heart and i have nothing. so i start searching for a name that would reflect the situation i was in at the very moment. and there you go, a suitable name was found.

some of my friends had asked me about the language i use for my blog. at the early age of blogging, i started with BM. but then i felt like BI suited me more. after a few entries, i switched back to BM. another alteration happened and finally i settled with BI, because i feel more me when i write in english. it's not that i'm not proud of my mother tongue but it got something to do with what happen to me back when i was in form 5.

since i was a teenager, i always wanted to be an English teacher. so i applied for the TESL together with my friends. but i don't know, maybe i wasn't destined to be my path of study so, i didn't get to further into the field. i envy those who are taking TESL or any english-related field. there are even blogger whom i know doing this kind of program. Z@ck, Daniel Adie and Fitriah, just to name a few. there are all very lucky according to me.

so, i think this is more than enough. now you know everything about this blog. i assume its everything coz i literally have to squeeze out idea out of my brain. LOL.

p/s ~ sorry, this entry is kinda long..huhuhu..

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