Friday, September 3, 2010

:: tonight is the moment ::

Salam to all my readers

waaaaaaaa!!! i'm all alone! all of my friends are already smelled the fresh air of their hometown. they shouldn't left me alone like this!! waaaaaaa!

but it's ok, as i'm gonna be home soon. tonight is the moment. owh, only Allah knows how i can't wait to get my ass on the bus. it is a free-sitting bus so, there gonna be a war. haha. i think i'm gonna be breaking my fast at the padang kawad, where the buses are gonna stop, so that i can be in the front line. hahaha.

hopefully, my journey will get the blessing from Allah. i wanna be home safe and happy. it will be twice the fun since my sister is coming home tonight too. please make time fly faster! to those who are driving, drive safely okay. we don't want this raya to be the last raya. think of people you loved. and while you driving, don't forget to listen to lagu raya. ehehehe.

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