Wednesday, June 30, 2010

:: me and British accent ::

Salam to all my readers

i'm gonna have some difficulties to be online 24/7 and to update my blog, because we haven't pay the bills yet. money is quiet a trouble for us this month, since my sister will be off to UiTM Kuala Pilah this week. actually i'm kinda jealous coz my 'rayuan' still haven't been answered yet.

really wish that i will be back to Puncak Alam as a post-diploma student. sure the atmosphere will be much better and different since i will be no longer staying at the hostel. my friend who have got the chance to further their study has already rent an apartment. they have reserved a place for me and hopefully it's a sign that i i'll be joining them soon. finger crossed!

ok, actually, i have got something to ask you guys. to those who don't know me, i'm really into British accent. i don't know, i just find it cool and listening to them talking really turn me on. LOL. i like watching movies who got british actors in it. i don't know, i just love it. maybe it's quiet hard to understand what they're saying but it's like a boast to me, to learn more about their unique accent.

i have googled about it, you know, on how they pronounce their words, their phrasing, everything. even they have different term on one thing. for example, we say soccer in US but in UK, they pronounce it as football. even David Beckham had trouble to get used to the word 'soccer' when he first moved on to US.

some British actors that i like are Harry Potter aka Dan Radcliffe, his leading actress, Hermione, erkk, i mean, Emma Watson, Paul Bettany, Ben Barnes of Narnia, and of course, the mean-but-nice American Idol ex-judge, Simon Cowell. i don't know if i can sound like them, but getting into a relationship with a British girl would be nice. LOL.

p/s ~ owh, about the URL issue, i have made up my mind and i am going to stick with the current one.

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