Monday, July 5, 2010

:: there's still hope! ::

Salam to all my readers

you know what, i am supposedly to start my new semester of degree today, but i am stuck here at home instead. they say the last date for confirmation that i am not going to further my study is on July 13. after that date, i am officially dead!

i am not whining or anything but i really need this sooooo bad. i think whoever in my situation right now, will be extremely grateful if God just give us the second chance. i mean i kinda know how it feels seeing all your mates packing their things and get ready to start a new sem, a new life in campus. and what do i do? just sitting around and watch them have all the fun and post how good their life there up on their facebook.

someone said to me that maybe God has different plan for you. maybe He wants you to feel the disappointment first, before embracing the sweetness of life, which is what i have been waiting for in the nearest time. i don't want to be left behind, and see everybody else succeed in whatever they are doing. i want to be there too. but my path is seem away from me, nowhere to be found.

i try not to think about it coz it hurts. yeah, it does. funny eh how such thoughts can make someone feel insecure of his own future. and listening to a bunch of new songs i think help me to keep my mind away from that nasty thoughts. currently California Gurls by Katy Perry is playing. love this song. owh yeah, David Archuleta will be releasing his brand new single from his second album on July 13. can't wait!

back to the point, whatever it is, there is still hope, and hope is the reason i am breathing right now.

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