Thursday, June 17, 2010

:: for readers who don't even care about World Cup ::

Salam to all my readers

when i was a kid, i wasn't really an outdoor kid. and the only sports that i played was badminton and football. and you know what, i always thought that men were suppose to play football, coz its a guy thing. but growing up made me realize that football is not my thing.

i used to play the game when i was a kid but the position i always played was the man who stood in front of the goal. not a keeper, i don't remember what people call it. but my friend know that i can't play, so they just put me in the position. less complicated, less action, just wait for the ball to come and then you're on your role.

up until now, i stop playing football. some people may think that i'm weird bcoz they hardly find a guy who rather watch Jamie At Home or Nigella Express then playing and watching football match. now they found one. not to mention the teasing part. i know, some guys may think that. y'know, it's like offering me budu. i don't eat budu although i'm living in Kelantan. i'm more to sambal belacan. not more, but really into sambal belacan.

y'know, sambal belacan, when you open the container and the acid-taste-like smell blended with the strong smell of belacan quickly filled the air, that's the best taste of sambal belacan. if the smell is stronger, so do the taste. and it'll taste even better if you put some lime juice in it, but not too much. ahh, so yummy. haha. erkk, ok, i got too carried away, did i??

lets get back to reality shall we??

ok2, now is World Cup (WC) fever right, so obviously, people, especially guys will be talking about it wherever they are. and believe me, i do feel like i've been left alone. the worst part is when i have to see my dad watching WC matches alone. but sometimes my mom will keep him company. i do wish that we'll be like any other family when it comes to WC, the whole family stay in front of the tv, bring snacks and watch together.


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