Saturday, June 19, 2010

;; hairy or hairless guy? ::

Salam to all my readers

well, before you dive deeper in my latest entry, i've got to warn you. it's gonna be a little 18SX..or PL, whatever. so, if any of you, who might want to keep your mind clean, do get the hell out of this blog right away. but i guess everybody have been introduced to this kinda stuff before.

ok, here we go. which one is sexier, guys with hair on their chest, or hairless guys? histrionic question isn't it? some say, hairy guy looks like a mess and gross. they say hair are not meant to grow on chest. how do they live with it? plus, they gotta trim it once in a while. not to say those who have high level of hormone. maybe once in 3 days. women will all go 'euwww' if they're looking at hairy guy walking across the beach. now when they see a guy with no body hair and women are like, "owh that what a man should look like."

but on the other hand, some prefer guy with body hair. remember in the 70s, all the dudes have big hairy chest. and the women went like, "uuww he's such a man." and they don't want guy with no body hair coz that what women should look like. they even say, man are suppose to be hairy. and the funny fact that i heard, they say god doesn't love you as much if he created you with no body hair. haha. silly.

if its for me, i prefer man with ermm, i got to say, less body hair. i don't say i love be a hairy guy, i do want hair but not to hairy. coz i don't want to bother to trim it. but here's the thing. if you got hair on your chest, you gotta trim it, coz you don't want it hanging out of your shirt. y'know, if its get too long. i hate talking to somebody and they have this shit hanging out in front of their shirt, it will distract the hell out of me. imagine if the breeze come along. haha.

but whatever it is, it's all depend on the individual actually. hairy or hairless, it doesn't really matter nowadays. but to keep you hygienic, do trim your body hair, if you got any. ok.

p/s ~ it's hard to find suitable pics for this enty actually, coz so many 'unwanted' pics coming out from google when i type 'hairy guy'. huhuhu~~

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