Monday, June 7, 2010

:: baby hatch - is it a good or bad idea? ::

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have you guys ever heard Baby Hatch?? yeah, it sounds like a place where babies are 'hatched' from the 'eggs'. just like chicken. but that is exactly what it means. that is the place where people or well, unwed mothers dump their unwanted babies after 'accidentally' making them. the just want the pleasure of having sex. then when it comes to being responsible, this is where they usually take it for granted.

Baby Hatch is already in Malaysia, located at Kampung Tuanku, Petaling Jaya under non-government organization, OrphanCARE. i'm sure some of you already know the fact that the reason why this thing is established is to save lives of abandon babies in Malaysia. what a good intention that is. well, if you see it that way, yeah, it is good because no more news about babies found dead in the dustbin and the cute creatures will be open for adoption for people out there.

but on the second thought, i think, maybe it will lead to something bad. it is proved when i read papers today, when they interviewed some of the local citizens regarding this baby hatch. most of them said that the opening of this kind of place, you know where newborns are drop off when the mothers decide not to raise them, is actually stimulates the teens to have more premarital sex.

~ imagine yourself find this cute little angel near the rubbish bin dead ~

yeah, it's pretty easy. you make out with someone, and a baby out of wedlock. then if you don't want your family or other people know bout it, just simply go to Baby Hatch, fill up consent form and drop off your baby without been asked a single thing. isn't that great! and the caretaker of the place will be put in charged of the dumped baby. and the funny thing is, if the mothers want to see their children or ask anything about them in the future, the person in charged will be happy to arrange the meeting. imagine how the children' feeling if they know that this is her mom and she dumped them here???

but on the other hand, i see the main intention is good but i don't know if the opening of this place is a right thing to do. maybe yes in this time but in the future, i can't foresee. let's just hope the best outcome and pray that no more babies found dead or abandon. it's heart-wrenching to read that kinda stories. judiene pen off.

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