Friday, June 11, 2010

:: i hate paparazzi! ::

Salam to all my readers

i don't know about you guys but i definitely can't live with paparazzi following me 24/7 and watching my moves.

yesterday, i went home after spending 3 days at my friend's place in Kuang. his parents sent me to Putra Bus Station and i took a 10pm bus. maybe i was too tired so i slept the whole journey home. the seat was comfy so i didn't waste any time.

i awoke just before the bus reach Tanah Merah. guess my timing was right, i took all my things and get ready to smell the fresh air of my home town. i thought the paparazzi were sleeping and didn't bother to follow me at this time, but i was wrong. they all stood by the bus when the bus stopped.

i stepped my foot on the ground and just before i managed to get my other foot out, all of them gather around me. i wasn't quite sure what they were talking, i just wanted to get my stuffs. they followed me and started to ask a fucked up question.

paparazzi 1 ~ "abe, nok gi mano?? nok naik keto"?

paparazzi 2 ~ "abe, keto neh, mari la naik."

paparazzi 3 ~ "nok gi mano tuh? nok naik teksi ko?"

and i answered them all at once.

me ~ "xsey, xpo2, abah mari ambik"

then they walked away without even look at me, searching for the next target. thank god none of them take my pictures. i don't want to end up in magazine the next day with my messy hair and blur face. at least i have to spike up my hair.

moral of the story, i rather ask my dad to pick me up then go with the strangers who claim they are a taxi driver. coz i read in newspaper that they are several cases regarding taxi driver. they rape their customers you know. urghh!

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