Monday, June 28, 2010

:: need a little help over here ::

Salam to all my readers

I've been thinking about changing my blog URL. if you notice, it's kinda long and people hardly remember it. plus, i want my URL to reflect the person i am today, which i think is really necessary.

i wanna change it into something simpler like or both are my name, well, nickname actually, but it makes sense. but the problem is, i don't know how to spread the words to all bloggers around the world. you know, if i change the URL without informing all my readers, they would lose tract of my blog.

how about this. first part, i keep my blog private for a day or two, then change the URL. ok, that sounds good. but the second part is informing the readers, which i still don't have any clue on how to do it. perhaps you guys can help me on this. owh i forgot. one more problem. i have to design new header. if you notice, my URL is in it.

actually, i'm on my way to enhance the used of my blog, not just a place where i can write about everything. i'm learning how to deal with the nuffnang, and how to make money from blogging. i know it sounds i've been living in a cave and everybody seem to know about it but hey, at least i'm willing to learn. but yeah, still lame.

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