Sunday, June 27, 2010

:: waiting is torturing ::

Salam to all my readers

i can't barely sleep well nowadays. can't keep the rayuan thingy outta my head. y'know, to think that my fate will lies on the rayuan that i sent is really nerve-racking.

owh, maybe you don't know, but my application to further my degree have been rejected. i have sent the plea letter, and now, all i can do is wait for the result. and believe my, waiting is another way to torture people. arghh, i hate waiting!

last night, i got the chance to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It movie, which i think is phenomenal. if he was still alive, the concert will be a world event. people will going crazy seeing MJ performing, with high-tech stage and stuffs. i was amazed seeing how MJ want the concert to be perfect and he even monitored the sound effect himself.

again, i almost shed a tear, seeing his passion and spirit, although it's just a rehearsal. seriously, all artistes around the world should make MJ's This Is It as a guidance on how to make a great concert, especially Malaysians singers. its like MJ is trying to say "this how we do it!"

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