Friday, September 17, 2010

:: for the rest of my life ::

Salam to all my readers

Yesterday i listen to Maher Zain hit, entitled For The Rest Of My Life and gosh, it is so good. i keep clicking the 'replay' button over and over again. the melody is suit for divinity-religious kinda song. and the lyric, stunning! it's like talking to you loved ones and promise her/him than you are gonna stay by their side. Maher Zain is so creative, he changed the meaning of 'lover' from what we understand as human to the one and only, Allah SWT.

i have listened to all of his songs and all i can say, brilliant! he is so good. but as great as he is, ermm, i don't know, is it me or he kinda sounded like Kris Allen at certain point of his voice. sometimes i thought i was listening to Kris Allen. huhu. it just my opinion. :)

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