Sunday, September 26, 2010

:: screw Magika! ::

Salam to all my readers

I was freaking out last couple of days when i suddenly can't get access into my blog, which i certainly sure that it was all because of the stupid virus called Malware. i don't know where it came from and why people created it but clearly we don't need something like this. i thought i never gonna see my blog ever again. but thanks to my blogger friend who keep checking my blog to see whether it can be opened or not. thanks guys!

And now my blog is free from Malware. don't ever come back here. huhu. ok, now, back to business. well, yesterday me and my friends went to Sunway Piramid for boys day out and actually i was kinda excited to go out since i never able to do something like this, you know, hanging around with friends and go to the mall, window-shopping since i become a degree student so, we had so much fun there.

we rent a car from Puncak Alam and it was affordable and the condition of the car was good. i have to say, if i got my loan money early, i would be more excited coz i can go shopping t-shirts and jeans and maybe buy new shoes without having to borrow from someone else. huhu. ohh yeah, we got a chance to watch Malaysia International Hockey Ice Tournament between Malaysia and Kuwait. it was quite a stiff match and when we left after the third set end, Malaysia is leading. don't know who win but i'm sure our team gonna kick their arabic asses. haha.

the low part of our outing was we went to TGV Cinema and was planning to watch Grown Up, starred Adam Sandler and Kevin James but sadly they don't have it there so we ended up watching Magika, which i think i have wasted my money on that. there gone my RM14. i thought KRU is taking it more serious this time but urghh, the movie was boring, the plot was blahh and i don't get it why they chose comedy instead of action thriller when it comes to applying their CGI technique. look at Cicakman. it was foolish la to see our superhero in comedy flick. those who love Cicakman will go like "OMG! this is the greatest malay movie ever!" after watching Magika. 2 out of 5.

thanks to all you guys for making our outing such a blast. :)

~ see how the pro's doin ;P ~

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