Thursday, September 9, 2010

:: more cookies coming up ::

Salam to all my readers

i thought i can spend my days at home without doing nothing. instead, my mom made me work during the day. but i'm not complaining. in fact i love the job. making kuih raya is one of the must have activity during Ramadhan. my raya will be meaningless without home-made kuih raya.take a look at the pics below.

~ me working out the dough ;P ~

i'm proudly can say that the cookies are tasty and it fits our expectations. 4 stars. haha. usually my mom's friends (read: people all around Tanah Merah ;P) will order a few type of cookies like almond london, chocolate moist cake and tart nenas but my mom take a different way of getting extra money this year - sewing curtains! according to her, sewing is more profitable than making cookies but as profitable as it seems, sewing is more energy demanding.

so guys, hope you enjoy making cookies at your home and appreciate this time as we seldom got a chance to sit and do activity together with our siblings.

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