Tuesday, September 14, 2010

:: murdered and burnt ::

Salam to all my readers

I suppose to update about my primary school reunion but as i flipped through Harian Metro (HM) this morning, i was shocked at how cruel people can be. they even do things that we can't imagine one would do to human being. they are not just murdered and burnt, plus the ashes of their remains were dumped into the river.

This murder case of Datuk Sosilawati and 3 other persons, to me, is a heart-breaker. imagine how their family condition right now, celebrating Hari Raya without their loved ones and now they are all dead! although we still don't know what's their motive of committing such a cruel and inhumane act but it is clearly not acceptable. people now are getting meaner and meaner!

I read in HM that her loyal driver was once told her mom back when he was having a vacation at his home, saying that he wanted to resign after 4 years of working with Datuk Sosilawati but since he knew that people around his boss were trying to manipulate her, he hold back his intention to resign and now, he is dead together with her boss. how ironic is that.

Whatever it is, credit has to be given to Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) for their quickness of solving as what we were first be told, the mystery of Datuk Sosilawati's missing and capturing the persons who are responsible for making their family's raya gloomy, just in a few weeks. it is still not confirm yet whether the ashes and the bones found are the victims' but the possibility is high. if Datuk Sosilawati and 3 other persons are still alive, i'm sure they all already been found.

Right now, we can all pray that it will be a happy ending for this mystery and whoever found guilty should be sentenced to death! to their family, be patient. may Allah bless all of you.

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