Tuesday, September 28, 2010

:: let's Skype-ing! ::

Salam to all my readers


I don't know what people like about Yahoo Messenger. beside from its chatting and photo sharing function, there is nothing interesting i could see. i have tried the video call once and damn the viewing was kinda blur and the poor quality of the sound is so much like pain in the ass. i video called with my friend one day and what really bother me was i saw my friend froze in the screen but i could hear his voice. then the screen went blank but his voice still there. you see how bad video call on YM could be.

but now, i don't have to experience the problem anymore. with Skype, i can talk and video call my friend with no interruption. the video is clearer and the quality of the sound is great. it even looks cuter than YM. i have used the call function and it was like talking through phone. i don't have to shout or raise my voice so that people can hear me.

i still turn on my YM since majority of my friend doesn't have Skype installed in their laptops. for those who have Skype, please give me your email, so that i can add you guys. don't worry, i am not gonna stalk you or whatsoever, and i don't think i can do that by using Skype, so forget the stalking thingy and starts typing your email in the comment box. or you can also PM me in my Facebook. this one is safer. hehe.

so hurry up guys. i'm waiting! :)

p/s ~ do you think the phrase "bagai kacang lupakan kulit" can be applied for this entry? ;P

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