Monday, July 12, 2010

:: finally, the end is sweet! XP ::

Salam to all my readers


today begins with a good news. yes. finally i will be going to UiTM Puncak Alam tomorrow. Allah had answered all my prayers and this opportunity will not be wasted. i'm so on top of the world right now.

i was soooooo nervous when i first checked on the website. i don't want to be disappointed for the second time. my heart was pounding so hard as if want to burst out of my chest. i typed in my password and my ID no., hoping to see the surat tawaran appears on the screen. after several moments, yessss! and the rest is history!

i am so relieved right now, but got lot of things to be settled. i have to pay the fee, print some documents and get them signed, fill in the forms. owh. gosh. but all of that are not gonna be a problem, since i am accepted to study there, so got to do what have to do.

ok lah, until then. need to pack my stuffs. it's gonna be messy this time. ahahahaha.

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