Tuesday, July 20, 2010

:: i dreamed about him ::

Salam to all my readers

i don't know whether i should tell you this or not but not telling you guys, its like eating rice without its lauk pauk and stuff. whatever it is i'm still want to share this with you guys anyway.

the story is like this. i dreamed about someone. i'm not gonna mention who he is but i'll give out a clue. go to my previous entry and you'll see a picture of someone i like. i mean, i adore him because of his angelic voice. ok, got the answer already?? so, let's move on with the story.

i don't know how he end up in my dream but he was my friend in my dream. he came to visit me at my house, and we were like best friend. it's like we know each other for a long time before. he wasn't an artist he is today, he was just an ordinary boy. i was excited but i realize something strange. i didn't talk much with him. no, i wasn't talking at all. maybe because i'm not really fluent in english. haha. but yeah, he just talk and talk and talk, until we off to bed.

usually dream is not just a one-person story and it get mixed with something else along the way. you know, sometimes you dream about this person and all of a sudden, you notice other person from your subconscious mind. in my case, Dylan and Cole Sprouse of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody showed up. i'm kinda lost the middle of the plot but all i remember was, they wanted to buy my family a box of chocolate, and i asked them to buy at the shop where the owner is Muslim. i wonder what its like if Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song join the crew. haha.

~ Cole and Dylan Sprouse ~

i think i should be proud of myself coz even though it was a dream, but i'm still have faith in my religion. i actually asked them to but at a Muslim store so that my parents can eat the chocolate. hahaha. funny and exciting. it is great to be friend with someone you always wanted to meet, and even though it just a dream, i think i know how it is like to be friend with David Archuleta. opsss!

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