Friday, July 9, 2010

:: the end is near! ::


July 13 is around the corner. 4 days left. am i gonna make it or not!? please, just call me already. i need it more than everybody else does. can't you tell by reading my 'rayuan' letter?? they should have call me by this time.

until July 13, they will never be a day when i don't visit the student portal webpage. i even dreamed about it in my sleep. it's haunting me. i don't want this to be the end of me. i don't want this to kill me when i'm sleeping. i don't want to end up like one of those victims of Freddie Kruger, who died in their sleep. owh, this is horrible.

if i can't make it, you may starts imagine me with poking my eyes with fork, coz i can't stand watching all my friends are leaving me. magic will change everything but i'm afraid i don't have a wand to wave.


sorry guys, i am just being overly dramatic. its apart of me. does it works??

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