Wednesday, July 21, 2010

:: something got me thinkin' ::

Salam to all my readers

currently i'm in second week of my degree. quite exciting but tired at the same time coz even though i'm just 2 weeks here, but it feels like i've been here 1 month ago. don't get me wrong k, i'm not complaining or anything. i mean this is how a degree life should be like, you know, lot of assignments, no more note-feeding from lecturers, all we have to find on our own, which kinda fun.

but somehow in the middle of these fun, something got me thinking. you see, there is over 100 students are in my class. it is not our class actually coz we don't own a class. we just go to class depend on our subjects. sometimes we attend subjects which sem 1 students are attending. and sometimes we find ourselves in sem 3 class.

ok, back to something that got me thinking. so many students equal to stiff competition. i don't know if i manage to switch on my 'work hard' button this time but i think i never push that button before. i definitely need to prove my family and people around me that even though i'm nearly excluded from being here, i'm still have something to 'wow' them. majority of them are from matriculation, so, you know what to expect from them, nothing but high IQ. or at least that what i believe they are.

when i said i want to work my ass off, it usually doesn't work they way i wanted it to be. i don't know why, maybe it got to do with the way i study. i always laugh when my mom said, i befriend with a bunch of intelligent people but sadly i don't posses their high determination in studying. huhu. guess i have to work on that. definitely it's gonna get tougher and tougher. hurmm~~

~ these are the people i'm talking about (minus me) ~

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