Friday, July 30, 2010

:: a cure for forgetfulness? anyone? ::

Salam to all my readers

i'm so super nervous for next week, as i got 2 assignments and a lab report to be submitted and above all, a Clinical Chemistry test! i was like, dang it! and there is a group of girls in my class, they will go find every books that got to do with the clinical chemistry and photocopy every single of them, which pretty annoying actually coz they make me realize i maybe the only person who didn't make any preparation.

quite long for a intro isn't it?? ;P

ok, lets forget about the study thingy. actually i wanna ask you guys, do you know how to cure forgetfulness? i don't know what had got into me but i'm being a real jerk and forgetful this couple of days. i keep forgetting things and it troubles not only me but my friend as well, coz basically they are like my agent now, remind me to bring this and to do that.

i thought this 'disease' happen to elderly only. or maybe i'm aging rapidly fast. no, please, i don't want to be wrinkly old at this point of my life. there are lot of places i need to go before i die. Mecca is a must. London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Rome. plus all the beautiful countries in the world. in fact, i don't even have a girlfriend yet. it is sad to not having girlfriend to cry over you, when you're dead.

owh yea, i've got modul to attend this Sunday, which is suck and really kacau daun laa. i mean i really need this weekend to finish all my assignments and to cover all chapters which will be included in next week's test. i thought there's no modul once you are in degree level. if you go out there and ask UiTM student who like to go to the modul, i'm sure everybody will say 'NO!' to modul. hahaha.

ok, i think i've got carried away with my writing and kinda off the topic a lil bit..huhu..until then guys! TTYL..

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