Saturday, May 8, 2010

:: when Judiene talks about health.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i have a friend, who i think is an achiever himself. i barely know him but i admire his determination on losing his weight. he went from 85 kg to 55 kg. if that's not cool, then what was it?? to me, it's a big jump. i really need to follow his foot steps

he said, his diet is not touching rice for 5 months, which i thought pretty insane coz i'm a big eater, and all he eats is spaghetti. don't know whether it's cheese spaghetti or bolognese but that what he took for 5 long months instead of rice. and i'll be as happy as when my dad treat me to Pizza Hut for my good grades if i can do what he had did to lose weight.

~ i'm so in love with KFC Twister! ~

he also spend 30 minutes to exercise, which i think a cliche idea but it works, everyday. speaking about exercise, i used to jog everyday and yeah, i feel great after that, you know, when you're sweating, it's refresh our brain and body. but i don't remember why i stop jogging. maybe i'm lazy. no no no,maybe i'm too busy to jog. yeah, like the second thought better. lol.

but i promise myself, i will not exceed 90kg. and that explain my weight is still under 90kg, thank you for the compliment (",). haha. hmm, you know what, i don't remember when is the last time i being skinny. maybe back when i was in high school. yeah, i guess it is.

so, let's keep getting better and live a healthy lifestyle.

p/s ~ gotta keep Cadburry Boast in fridge after this. huhu.

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