Sunday, May 9, 2010

:: just call her already! ::

Salam to all my readers

ok, i'm not gonna write Mother's Day wishes here, or post my mom's pic, just to fit the Mother's Day celebration. no, i'm not that show off. what's the point to write all that, like she's gonna read my blog and go "awww, that's sweet son". if you really wanna wish your mom, why don't you grab your phone, search her number and call her straightaway. that would be easy and no need for her to turn on the computer and open your blog, or facebook.

but hey, i don't say posting about your mom on blog or FB is wrong. if you wanna do it so bad, go ahead. it's just my opinion, no need to be piss off.

ok, i don't know why i'm talking about these. i'm listening to 1Malaysia by AMP All Stars, suddenly reminds me of how lucky i am, living in this harmony country and don't even have to bother about being shot while going out (opss!). it's ok, i'm not gonna run away if there's any road block. i'll be fine. and hope they're not gonna run after me. or i'll be dead by midnight. haha.

bad joke!

ok, ermm, guys, forget what i said earlier. scratch the first paragraph. i'm wishing my mom Happy Mother's Day. ok, that's all. simple.

p/s ~ any of you got wedding invitation from Cik Aina?? stay in Kelantan?? coz i think i may need accompany to go there. kinda segan to go alone. hihihi.

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