Sunday, May 16, 2010

:: keep wondering ::

Salam to all my readers

you how people say when you're in love? they say you'll feel like wanna be with the person every single time, you'll feel like you wanna know everything about the person you love. but how about you feel all these things i've mentioned but you're not in love? i mean you know you're not in love with the person, yet you feel all these. does it makes sense??

to me, yes. maybe they are someone dear to your heart. or maybe they are kinda like your best buddy. yeah, i think it makes sense.

~ don't get fooled, my lips are naturally pink ;P ~

oh oh yeah, one more thing. have you ever been in the situation where you feel like telling someone you love about how you feel, but you can't coz they may not feeling the same thing you're feeling towards them. and you don't want they get the wrong idea coz it may shake your relationship up. have you guys ever feel that??

hope you guys understand what i'm trying to express here. i'm not trying to be a philosopher or anything. i read stuffs. i try to understand it better. that's all. some of you may wonder why the hell i'm writing all these love stuffs (poyos!). is he in love? does he found someone special? nahhh, i'll pass the questions.

keep wondering..

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