Sunday, May 30, 2010

:: telecast from Cik Aina's Wedding! ::

Salam to all my readers

yesterday, is quite a wonderful day to me, not just i met my first blogger friend face to face and attend her wedding, but also i went out with my pal. although it was kinda rushing but we had fun. well, at least for me.

ok, first thing first. the wedding. well, to be honest, i never thought that i'm gonna meet her coz she's kinda live far from my home and she already have a bf-turn-hubby. yeah, u heard it right. she threw a pinky party (read: kenduri) here at her hometown, Bkt. Marak, Kelantan. thanx to her for inviting me and sorry for not waiting until the bersanding ceremony.

and here are some pics i snapped while i was waiting for her to get done with make-up..yeah, i've waited several hours just to take this precious pics with her. i guess it's worth a wait. haha. enjoy!

~ ok, you may get jealous now! hahahaa! ~

~ terbaekkk lah! ~

want more pics?? ask from Cik Aina herself laaa. we didn't get to sit and chat, well, it's obvious she needs to get ready for her one-in-a-life-time moment whereas i need to rush to another place. gotta be at home before dawn la. or i'll be grounded for a month. hahaha.

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