Friday, May 28, 2010

:: Lee is the new American Idol - a little review ::

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finally, American has chosen Lee DeWyze as their new American Idol, which in my opinion shouldn't have won the show, coz, if you see the top 2 performances, it was clearly that mamasox has better chances of winning the show, but what to do, it's american who decide, not people around the world. i'm quite frustrated actually. hope crystal find my blog. hahaha.

to me, Lee's performances in top 2 were just OK, nothing different and most importantly nothing special. i prefer if fellow judges choose 'Hallelujah' to be sung in the top 2 show. see what Lee did with the song in top 3 show. fantastic!
you know what, i read a music blog on Yahoo! and here what the blogger said on why Crystal can't win American Idol.
Season 9 on "American Idol" was supposed to be a girls' season. Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and even Simon Cowell all authoritatively decreed it so. Promising quirky-girl contestants like Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperley, Janell Wheeler, Lacey Brown, and Didi Benami were all hyped early on as ones to watch and ones to beat. At one point, a Crystal Bowersox/Siobhan Magnus final showdown seemed quite likely. But sadly, "AI9" hasn't quite panned out in the females' favor. Most of the aforementioned girls all left the competition shockingly prematurely--including Siobhan, one of this season's most interesting, unique, and talented contestants. Now only one female, Crystal, remains in the competition, and despite her popularity, I fear she won't win this season. Season 9 will probably be just another boys' club, after all. I predict Lee DeWyze is going to win in the end, and this makes me sad.
and the rest you can read it by clicking here..

and yeah, if it's based on the performances, Crystal absolutely was the brighter star on that night. i've been rooting for her all season long, and tonight she proved me right. all her performances including the sultry 'Black Velvet' were a sign that she's gonna win this whole thing. but then, the coronation song kinda took all the feeling away from me. i mean, it's a low-key song, i expect something like 'A Moment Like This' or 'I Believe' but it wasn't.

oh yeah! the finale was the emotional finale ever, with the tribute to Simon and Paula, full of surprises and not to mention all idols like the fresh-looking Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia and Ruben Studard and previous contestants were there (except for David Cook and several other contestants). i'm quite sure there's gonna be a tribute from the idols and see, my prediction was right. and Paula looks very sweet that night! talking about her lovechild with Simon, that really brought back memories from previous seasons when they were working together.

for more info and stories about American Idol, just click
here. whatever the result is, Crystal is a star with or without American Idol. What America saw that night was a real performer who can own the stage. Regardless of the voting outcome, we'll be hearing big things from her soon. she is sooo Crystal-clear.

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