Saturday, May 22, 2010

:: she's taken, it's time to walk away.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i had a crush. like you all know. well, just a crush. coz i haven't get the gut yet to tell her my feeling. and i feel this way since the first day i see her. and i tried to be friend with her ever since. hoping that i can be true to her. be sincere towards my feeling for her. i waited for the day to come, only then i realize that..

ok. stop dreaming!

but yeah, only to realize that she already seeing someone right now. it was a big surprise for me, coz she hadn't tell me a thing about her bf. and she thought she told me already. i was like, ok, don't feel frustrated, don't feel devastated or anything. just be cool. yeah, i managed to be cool. but still thinking about what she said occasionally. man, i thought she was available.

~ motip letak pic aku!?? nak promote laaa XP ~

but i guess it's ok, since i'm not ready to get into a commitment yet. you know, in case she asks to be her couple. haha. my plan was be her friend first then we'll see what come after that.
but having said that, i'm happy for her, as long she's happy with the person she loves now. i'm always here for her, you know, everyone gotta have to face problems in relationship. so, yeah, i'll be there for here, whenever she needs me.

ok, stop being lovey dovey coz love gotta have to wait! in fact. she still doesn't know that i have crush on her. nahh, let it be this way. sometimes, things better leave unsaid.

see you later LOVE!

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