Monday, May 24, 2010

:: Simon last action ::

Salam to all my readers

after nearly 3 months of hard work to stay in the competition, finally, it comes down to this..

~ Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox ~

~ Michael Lynche ~

actually i prefer Michael Lynche to be in top 3, instead of Casey James but what's done is done. no need to complain or whining over something that already happened. right now, lets predict who will be the next American Idol. haha. to me, i root Crystal to win this, since she's different from any contestant who had won it. Lee is a bit similar to David Cook in my opinion, you know, their direction of music. only David looks more like a rock star than Lee.

~ bye bye Simon ~

but on top of that, i wanna see Simon Cowell in action for the last time on this show. as you guys know that he'll be leaving the show, to start his brand new US version of The X-Factor. no news on the replacement of Cowell yet but whoever the person is, the action of Cowell giving critics to the contestants with always be remembered. he got his own unique ways on doing the job as a judge which make the show even hotter and popular.

hope Ryan will stay as the host. Simon, you will be missed.

p/s ~ Congratulations Shahir on winning the AF8 last night. don't know whether he's a suitable candidate to choose but i guess everyone is equal.


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