Thursday, May 6, 2010

:: entry from Puncak Alam ::

Salam to all my readers

yay! my first entry in May. the sky is bright and show no sign of rain today. actually, i have nothing to say here today, just wanna keep my blog updated. huhu. but since this is an early month entry, so i dug out my memory and finally i got something to blog about. pretty easy task.

today, i officially announce that after 3 years of struggling and juggling with study (please believe this), i am now, finished my diploma with flying colours. haha. but, not that excel. i'm just good. means that right now, i'm just waiting for my further study application to be answered. don't have any clue of how well i performed in previous semesters but hopefully i can get a spot in UiTM for degree.

got a time to watch Iron Man 2 yesterday at Sunway Piramid. it was full house in every slot they have. but we manage to grab 6.15pm ticket and it was a front seat. great! front seat means back pain and neck pain. the screen was so big and i read the subs from left to right, together with my head. the screen was like 5 feet in front of me and it was too bright for my eyes. the seat was uncomfortable and i have to change my position like every 10 minutes. no more front seats!

but going to Sunway Piramid was the best thing happen to me yesterday, coz finally i manage to get out from Puncak Alam. for those who never been here, i warn ya, it's gonna be far and, ermm, ok just far. but yeah, the distance is actually the big deal you know. we gotta spend 2 hours to go to KL. if any of you know the quicker way to get to KL, i would be grateful if you can tell me.

~ scenery from my room ~

~ half of Puncak Alam. the orange building up there is the hostel ~

ohh yeah, one more thing. the key of survival here in Puncak Alam is get yourself a car. yes, that's the key. once you have a car or something that can move you from a place to another, it will be easier for you to go out without have to worry about the RapidKL that comes in every 2 hours. you know, my classmates went to KL a couple of days ago, and they went there by bus, around 10 am and they came back here, the next morning. they accidentally miss the final bus and have to overnight at KLCC. see, transportation here is really bad.

so, for those who want to study here, please, you're always welcome here. but, it's gonna be tough if you don't have car or motorcycle. if you're a geek who don't go out often, then i guess you're gonna enjoy studying here. but hey, i'm not stopping anyone from coming here. deep down in my heart, i'm so grateful that i got a spot and now i'm waiting for the graduation. thank you UiTM.

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