Saturday, February 20, 2010

:: the worst journey ever! ::

Salam to all my readers

when is the last time you guys had a happy time in sauna? mine is yesterday. but it wasn't fun, it was 'great'! yeah, i just pay RM45 for 8 hours of sauna. oh, not to mention they turn on some good songs for our pleasure. hahaha. bullshit la you know. this so-called sauna was actually Sutera Bas Express, the bus that i took to go back to Seremban.

why i call it as sauna? bcoz the aircond was broken and we spend 8 hours in that aircond-less bus! we, the passengers were soaking wet in our own sweat. i was sweating like hell. habis satu badan aku melekit-lekit. paling aku kesian tgk sorg makcik yg agak berumur, mengibas baby dia, who from what i saw, gasping for air.

actually there was lot of dramas going on before, during and after my journey from Kelantan to Seremban. this entry is gonna be long, i warn ya. ok first, our bus was delayed for about, hmm, 1 hour ++. i was supposed to get in the bus at 9.45 pm, but the 'unforeseen circumstances' they claimed cost me to wait with thousands of other passengers outside the bus.

next, before we actually get to sit at our seat, the nearly bald and stupid driver told us that this will be a free-sitting seat, not according to number printed on our ticket. i was like, WTF! then, all of us were like, "oh i wanna sit here", "hey, that's my seat, get off". it was chaos but we finally managed to buckle up about half and hour later. after they done with the shuffling seat thing, the bus took of, without turning the aircond on. we thought the driver forgot to do so. but then he said something that we all feared, the aircond engine was broke down.

i was like "what! this can't be happening to me!". i mean, can you imagine, 8 hours of journey without aircond. kalo bleh bukak tingkap lain citer la plak. masing2 cari kain or kertas wat kibas-kibas.

ok, fast forward. after we arrived at Kajang Terminal, most of the passengers stop here, leaving me and a girl on the bus. then the driver looked at us, grabbed his phone, then he came toward us. then he said, "kalu awok gi Serembe naik komuto bleh dop?" we were blur for a moment when he said again, "duo ore jah nok gi Serembe, tok gagoh neh,". means that, it's not worth it to send us to Seremban, regarding the traffic and the amount of gas they have to pay. after a lil chat and yadayadayada, me and the girl went to the KTM Station, bought two tickets to Seremban and got our ass to the final destination.

this is my worst journey ever and i don't know if i'll be taking bus to Seremban again after this. BOIKOT BAS SUTERA! G.T.H!

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chokio_nia said...

pergghhh..truk gle..len kali jgn nek bas tu dah okay..huhu

|arieza| said...

hoh jahat giler driver tu! pemalas! dh nama tugas! xkisah la 2org ke sorang ke, xde orang ke, he has to complete the journey! mereng tul.. dh tu tiket komuter, dia bg duit tak?

bhahmz said...

huhu..cian cian..Thk God I still live wif my parents - so wherever I wanna go, they'll send me. :)

hehe..sabar cek..the ups and downs of life je..hehe xD

_naJw@_~. said...

makk aiihh asal xsaman jer..dowhh ngok tol!

haa xabes cter g ni..cane dat gurl?u?=P hahha

k.A said...

tulis surat complain, hantar dekat manager syarikat or paper.

Just_najmiE said...

burn the bus!!.. hahahaha..

actually the company just lost future customers from a malfunction bus and a lazy driver.. the company should have sent a different bus if it was broken for the comfort of its passengers.. well, u live, u learn..

and do like what k.A said..

Judiene said...

Chokio_nia ~ hey u there, where have you been? there's no way i'm gonna take that bus again.

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ duit dia kasi la, tp harga tikat tak lebih 5 hengget pn, tak berbaloi la ngn kita byr tiket ke Seremban, then kena ssh2 g stesen komuter. WTF!

Judiene said...

bhahmz ~ hey, how to pronounce your name? yeah, good for you still live with your parents, but you don't get the experiences we travelers had. =)

Judiene said...

_naJw@_ ~ hahaha, what a mak nam la you neh. me and that girl, we don't know each other la. KTM Seremban was the last place we saw each other. the end! ;P

Judiene said...

k.A. ~ yeah, i've been thinking to do the same thing. but i don't know if i can. hmmm.

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ i'm not gonna burn the bus, i'm gonna get the whole company on fire, literally. hahaha.

yaziith su anaz said...

senang senang tayah g seremban.

B E L L A said...

penah terjadi perkara yg same!! cme beza naik tren. sejam ak mndi peluh dlm ketapi!! gila tol!!

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ kalo bleh mmg taknak g Seremban la..

Judiene said...

Bella ~ yeah, mandi peluh is fun. ahahaha! xD

Afzainizam said...

Salam Takzim dari kami

Kami sedang melayari entri kamu.... kira kunjungan tanpa diundang
Antara Aku, Kau, Kita & kami
Salam lawatan buat mu dari ku
Kau selalu jadi sahabatku
Selalu dalam hidupku
Karena kau adalah sahabat
Yang memiliki erti
Dari dulu sampai sekarang
Ku pohon sejuta kemaafan diri
Andai bicara seloka tersayat duri
Mengguris hati tanpa sengaja
Menyemarak rasa marah beraja
Memungkin terlerai ikatan kuat tersimpuh..
Membuang jauh diri ini.. penuh tanda tanya?

Ketahuilah kalian semua...
apa sahaja yang aku lakukan, ku cari damai dihati..

Madi peluh.... makan tak kenyang.... ehhhh peluh....

Judiene said...

Afzainizam ~ no spamming please!!!!

iyllienaz said... better naek komuter dpd panas n jem..bagus jugak..klo aku jd ko, rela hati naek komuter dpd kepanasan di dalam jem..

Judiene said...

Iyllienaz ~ hmm, on the second thought, i did think about that. ehehehehe.

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