Sunday, February 7, 2010

:: make the decision for me plz! ::

Salam to all my readers

for this entry i just you, peeps, speak out and give your opinion regarding what seem to be, my dilemma and i can't stop thinking about this. i'm afraid that i will make a wrong decision and choose something that's not suit me and my personality. so, i need help from you guys, my friends.

ok here the question. what do you guys prefer, a) work according to your interest but it might be a lil low on your income, or b) work that gonna make you sleep over a ton of money but you don't have any interest about it.

up till now, i don't know if i'll be able to go through my degree, which i don't know what course to choose. i've asked so many people that i think can help me but it turns out that there were so many opinions that i can't see which one is better to listen to. i've asked my family, my lecturers, my uncles, everyone. planning for the future really make me feel like wanna go back to the past.

~ this is not me. have to cover the face. nnt empunya badan marah. heeeeee ~

one of my senior advice me to go thoroughly through every aspect before making the decision, and don't make the wrong choice. but people said, don't be afraid to make a wrong choice, because from that we learn. but the learning process is different. ones take a long period of time to finally realize that they are in a wrong track but there's also people who knows quickly whether the choices they made is gonna work or not.

to make the so-called right decision, i don't know what aspect to see. whether the salary they offer or based on my interest. fortunately enough i know what i really like but the feeling doesn't convince me to make it as my career. i don't want to live poor. everybody doesn't want to live poor.

so back again with the question, which one you will choose and why. you can draw out a picture if you want. ok kidding. but yeah, i need to know what you guys think. really appreciate it. you guys are my friend. =)

p/s ~ try listen to Red Guitar by Kris Allen. what a cool song. never get bored.

20 puji aku smart:

|arieza| said...

honestly, i will choose b.. haha say that im a bit of materialistic. but the 'like' for the job boleh di semai. percayalah.. hehehe

but if u dont dare to take the risk, mgkn u takut u TAKKAN suke bnda tu, then just choose B.

but for me, coz i can easily like something new, something that i do repeatedly, can sometimes make me like it better over time, i will go for b :)

Ejay said...

do what u love to do...
the money will come later by itself!

FaMouS said...

choose something u will live for it

avid gunner said...

if you ask me, i'll say you gotta go with both choices. interest can be developed. so, maybe you should try go for a job that pays handsomely first. and whenever you feel money is not really what you're looking for, then pursue your dream job!

riBEna said...

pilih a la
sbb kte akn rase puas bile kte wat yg kte ske
walopon income low..
tp kalo da rase sronok
mesti puas gak gak walopon ciput

yaziith su anaz said...

A dear :)

i'msosupernotcool said...

its ur call dude..
dont ask us..

but i'll say i do wat i love for sure..

noe wat, u just sent me to a new dilema..

Sendra said...

kau faham bahasa melayu tak??aku malas nak speakang..hahhaa..apa2 aku tetap berniat nak bagi pendapat aku dalam bahasa kebangsaan ni haa..

ok,kalau tanya aku,aku akan berpegang pada hidup kita hanya sekali..kenapa aku mention pasal hidup ni?cuba kau bayangkan eh,kau kerja bagai nak mati apa semua,ye,memang kau kaya,tapi kau bahagia ke??

sekarang memang duit adalah segalanya,tapi sejauh mana boleh pakai perkara tu??

kau kerja bagai nak gila,tapi kau tak happy,berbaloikah??aku cakap tak..

aku pilih A..
choose wisely..

CEO Kueh Tart.

enyheartsdiamond said...

if u take b..i wil marry u..haha..kiddin:)

Frodo Baggins said...


istikharah lah kamu ..
keh3x, wa x leh bg opinion
u decide .... good luck

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ yeah, you dare to try something new. good for you. hehe.

Judiene said...

Ejay ~ from where??

Judiene said...

Famous ~ errr, meaning?? ;P

Judiene said...

AG ~ hey, i kinda like your idea of trying both options. hehe. thanx for the thought.

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ agree! =)

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ do i forget to mention that you have to state your reasons too?? ;P

Judiene said...

I'msosupernotcool ~ dilemma?? dilemma of what?

Judiene said...

Sendra ~ oh my, you just make me thinking a bit deeper. huhu. thanx for the thought though.

Judiene said...

Enyheartsdiamond ~ really?? ok, i take B. hahaha.

Judiene said...

Frodo Baggins ~ hahaha. ok. =)

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