Friday, February 12, 2010

:: newbie?? who like being newbie?? ::

Salam to all my readers

Leaving your friends behind and move to a new place, thinking that you'll be the only newbie there really creep me out. it's not that i'm afraid or don't wanna make new friends. it's just that i don't know what people there will think about me, their first impression about me. sometimes i don't really give a damn about that but being a new place, a new environment and being surrounded by a group of new people, you just gotta give that a thought.

i don't like being a newbie. you have to smile at people all the time, even at times you don't feel like talking to people at all. oh, not to mention about being friendly and kind, although some people may act 'kerek' to you. it's all just to make your first impression look strong and they will think that you're such a nice person.

another thing that i dislike about the idea of being a newbie is, i'm afraid that i might lose contact with all my friends at my old place, just like what i'm experiencing now. since i study in UiTM, i never been invited to any reunion unless if i'm the one who organize it. some of them say they are busy, can't really text me of reply my text. hallo, ko bukan PM pn sampai nak mesej pn takde masa. these kind of people, i text them today, they reply one week later. haprak! but thanx to Facebook, i manage to track them down.

but whatever it is, being newbie or not, its apart of life cycle. it's naturally happen to every human on earth. we can't just ignore the phase, i mean we have to be newbie first, then the status will change slowly by time. be it at school, at work, whether we like it or not, we gotta face it with our head held high. haha. being newbie is all about your first impression, whether people will look to you as a nice person or you simply just blew it.

p/s ~ i actually wrote this entry while i was in lab, don't have any work to do at that time so, i wrote down my idea at that very moment. back at home, i typed it here.

12 puji aku smart:

a.t.O.k.c.o.0.L said...

best doh jadi newbie.
sume org nk tau pasal ko.

yaziith su anaz said...

rindunye kawan kawan.
nak wat re-u jugakla.

|arieza| said...

u nk ke mane?

Judiene said...

Atok ~ erkk?? yeke. i don't think so. ada kot yg jeles kalo kita handsome daripada dowg. ahahahahahaha!!

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ call la kalo rindu sgt. huhuhu.

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ tak ke mana2 la. kot2 kalo tak dpt sambung kos yg kita nak kan, terpaksa pindah U lain. huhu.

Paan said...

All those stuffs about 'being a newbie is a worst life experience' is just something that we call insecurity. You know, I've been through a shitty induction for about a week in my college. I do realize about one thing, DON'T EVER BE THE HIGHLIGHT. Lie if we can. But don't pretend. Pretending to lie is the most stupid thing to do.

f.a.r.a.h said...

i think being a newbie is not a bad thing at all. trust me. you'll get used with it.

AdiE said...

best2 jd newbie nie..

~daniel adie~

Judiene said...

Paan ~ erkk, don't know where to begin but, thank you so much for the words. =)

Judiene said...

Farah ~ really?? coz i don't see anything good at that. hehe.

Judiene said...

Adie ~ ape yg best? give your reasons please. hehe.

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