Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Out - Paranormal (Part 2)

Salam to all my readers.

What happen to my blog?? All dusty and rusty. Sorry for the long hiatus guys. Does anyone miss me? Well, it would be like someone give me a briefcase contains 1000k if you guys miss me. Huhu. Ok, shall I continue with my Bukit Cerakah Part 2? Honestly I thought this story is molded and I don't really have the soul right now to update my blog so I'm gonna make this short and simple but lots and lots of pictures, hopefully.

After we're done with all the activities at Bukit Cerakah, it is time to say good bye. Before we left, we had this little discussion on what to do next. Some said let's go home but majority of us chose to catch a movie. So, we changed our sweaty outfits into something appropriate for the movie, started the engine and off we go to Sunway Piramid.

We watched Paranormal Activity 2 . Me and those who had watched Paranormal 1 last year were all excited since we know what to expect in this second installment. Definitely more scary stuffs. The beginning of the movie was nothing and my friends who didn't watch Paranormal 1 gave me a boring expression and went like what's with the movie, keep showing the same thing over and over again (They were referring to the pool and kitchen scenes). I just stay silent coz they hadn't watch anything yet.

~ one of the scene in Paranormal 2 ~

About half way through the movie and after all the scary incidents happen at the house, now they knew that this is a serious shit and I could hear them screaming at the suspense part. Paranormal 1 really scare the hell out of me and this second installment was well, scarier. I don't know about others but to me, this shit is damn scary, even scarier that Syamsul Yusof's Khurafat because we can't see the ghost or the demons and that what makes Paranormal 2 stand out. By the way, Paranormal 3 is scheduled to be out somewhere in October this year. Stay tune.

I'm gonna stop here coz I started to feel something weird in here. Huhu. Oh enjoy some pictures of us having a great time at Bukit Cerakah. Daaa!

~ One Tree Hill Malaysian version :P ~

~ i look like a retard lol! ~

~ looks like a poster of a drama series.. :P ~

~ future models lol ~

~ inside the Rumah Iklim ~

~ smoke suppose to come out from our mouths hehe ~

~ in front of the gate to Taman Haiwan ~

~ lunch, finishing our breakfast leftover ~

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