Friday, January 7, 2011

:: i'm a tourist and i ate nasi beriani ::

Salam to all my readers.

Last night, me and buddies went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi and we were all excited because we never been there before. We didn't have any plan to shop but we did eventually. Well, at least I did. Bough 2 checkered shirts and a external hardisk. I can be a lil bit carry away when I shop, especially when the sales are going on and when people around me shop too. It's a like a boost for me to shop more and more and more. It's so therapeutic.

We watched The Tourist, starred the hot mama Angelina Jolie and the hunky actor Johnny Depp and the movie was great, as expected when Ange is in it and fantastic. Both of the stars really gave out their best especially Ange, I mean she's American but she can portray her character as a British women so well, amazing how she worked the British accent, as if she really from UK. Love it. For those who haven't seen the movie, go see it. Worth your time and money.

On the way home, we were all hungry and we have decided to try something different so went to Nasi King Beriani, suggested by my friend. The restaurant is located at somewhere near Hospital Klang and Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Hahaha. Sorry I don't remember the exact name of the street there but it's not hard to find. If you can locate McDonald near the Hospital Klang, I'm pretty sure you're gonna find the restaurant coz it's situated not so far from McDonald. As stated on the signboard, the restaurant serves all kinds of nasi beriani and other fried dishes too. The price for me is a lil bit expensive for students but if you wanna try something new and different, go ahead. It's worth it.

I ordered Nasi Beriani Kambing with Sirap Limau. The lamb meat was tender and juicy while the nasi beriani was aromatic but the gravy was a lil bit sweet to me. Even though I'm a Kelantanese but my family didn't usually enjoy sweet food. It's okay to eat sweet food that is suppose to be sweet, but when something that is suppose to be sour or spicy and you make it sweet, that is a No No. Maybe other Kelantanese would eat this and go, 'Oh this is so tasty, perfect!'. However, if you order a set of this nasi beriani, you'll be repleted. They serve you with lot of rice that fill your stomach till tomorrow. LOL.

~ me waiting the order patiently ~

~ a set of nasi beriani kambing with sirap limau ~

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