Tuesday, February 1, 2011

:: I adore you ::

Salam to all my readers.

The thing I want to post this time is more like a confession thingy. You might read it differently and go like 'Is this a confession?? wth. it looks more like a story to me' or anything but I remind you, this is something that I'm trying to get rid of so, it would be nice if you guys can say your pieces. Okay, here we go.

We are human. Just human. So, of course each and every one of us got somebody to love, somebody to adore and somebody to praise. Myself included. When you accidentally meet a person who you find adorable, cute, kind and the next thing you know, that person face seem to follow you wherever you go. Even in your dream. That is the sign whether you have fallen for someone.

Have you ever be in the situation where you really want to meet 'the person' you adore but it seems like there is wall or something that stop you from doing so. Not because you don't have money, not because you are busy but because you feel like 'the person' you adore live in a different league than the world you're living now. You want to meet 'the person' so bad but you afraid that you will be so timid in front of 'the person'.

It's hard to look straight into 'the person' eyes, knowing that within a second you will draw back your attention to the ground. It's like there is a strong force that hold your view from see direct into 'the person' eyes. As you are trying to speak, not a single word come out from your mouth. You just wait for 'the person' to start the conversation. When this happen, there is nothing you can do but smile and smile until the nervous is gone.

Whenever I see someone talk to 'the person' or post something on 'the person' wall, there's some kind of uneasy feeling going on inside me. So many times I have tried to act like nothing happen but it didn't work.

I am neither happy nor sad. In fact, I have to come to extend where I don't know what should I feel. This is crap. I'm done here.

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