Sunday, January 23, 2011

:: diet dilemma ::

Salam to all my readers.

Before I can proceed with Day Out : Bukit Cerakah Part 2, I have something to share or maybe to ask you guys. Or maybe it's a confession or just me telling you what have been burden me. I don't think 'burden' is a suitable word to use but seem there's no other word I can think of right now, let just stick with 'burden'.

Okay, here we go. Up till today, its been 4 days since I eat rice. Do you know what that suppose to mean? Yeah, I'm on a diet program, monitored by me, myself and maybe my friends. Laugh it if you want, I'm used to it. Whenever I told my friend that I'm on diet, some of them laugh their asses of me. I'm not gonna complain about them, or what they did. I have tried to diet several times before but none of them work. This time, I'm ready to do it. I'm ready to face the temptation or anything that I need to face in order to have a well-sculptured body. LOL. I don't want a well-sculptured body. I just wanna be fit. I just don't want extra fat anywhere on my body.

Having said that, I do have several problems which I don't know how to crack it. Sometimes I'm clueless about what I should eat for lunch, what should I eat for dinner or should I eat this, should I eat that. These kind of problems are playing in my mind right now. I have googled the solutions and yes, there are solutions but I don't know if it can be applied here in Malaysia, or whether it suits Malaysian diet. We don't eat like what American or other countries do, and being a student really have the limitation. I don't have that much of money to spend on all the things I need for my diet. Yeah, maybe I can strain myself away from rice but I don't think I know what is the right meal to take for diet people.

~ Chicken and salad. Looks yummy don't they? ~

Other than that, being an indoor guy do challenge me in order to stick with this diet program. I don't usually go out and play sports but right now, I try to be more flexible and try to spend 10-15 minutes doing exercise which probably the hardest thing to do after organizing meals. My friends had bought two badminton rackets and I've been trying to play badminton every evening. I don't know how much of that could help me but at least I burn some calories. Oh yeah, I try to be more familiar with veggies too. Today I didn't take rice for lunch but instead I just ate the side dishes and definitely have veggies in it. I have switch from eating white bread to whole-meal bread, which double the taste as compare to the white bread. It's great.

~ Try to love veggies! ~

So guys, I really really hope that this time I can work this thing out. I have always been jealous looking at people who own a great body and for once, I wanna be proud and have high self-esteem whenever I'm around people. I wanna be in size M again. Huhu. Do pray for me people!

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