Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:: Day Out - Bukit Cerakah (Part 1) ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday was another day filled with happiness, fun and a lil bit of sports as me and a bunch of vigorous teens ran and walked up the hill of Bukit Cerakah for some mind and soul therapy (read: picnic) and to enjoy breeze of fresh air. Our main plan was actually to ride the bike there but due to the overcrowded people swarming down the place, we were unable to do so but instead, all of us walked and even though we knew it's gonna be so tiring, we thought of our intention of coming here which was to burn some calories.

To be honest, I thought its better for us to walk rather than cycle because by walking, we can chit chat along the way without worrying about the road and the buses that going up and down the hill, taking down the public. And yes, we camwhore-ed a lot. We took pictures every five minutes of walking and at every single place. It was a nice time for us to release our tension over studies and other problems that been lingering in our mind, if they have one.

~ the only guys in the group ~

Ohh, I forgot to tell you, we went there with 2 cars consist of 10 people coming from 3 different houses. Each house need to bring dishes for breakfast and our house brought fried sausages and nuggets while the girls from the other house brought fried noodle, tuna sandwich and jemput-jemput. We thought we could eat all these for breakfast but our thoughts were wrong. It was too many foods there so we saved some for lunch. All I can say, it was the best breakfast time ever since I came here.

Do you guys know that there are 'Rumah Iklim' in the middle of Bukit Cerakah? Maybe those who live in Shah Alam or who have been here know but for those who doesn't, yes, they have it here. I don't know how to explain about this Rumah Iklim but basically it has four different weather plays at a different time. And yesterday was our lucky because it was winter so, we were actually experiencing how to be in London or Tokyo during winter time the moment we stepped our feet in there. So cold, like -3 degree Celsius or something. Our hands were freezing and we didn't plan for this so imagine being in there wearing only t-shirts and pants. It chills to the bone. Here are some pictures taking inside of the Rumah Iklim.

~ snowman ~

~ too bad you can see smoke coming out from our mouths ~

I have a lot to share with you guys but I don't think compress all the stories and make it into an entry is not wise coz it's gonna be like writing an essay so, stay tune for part two and more photos will be uploaded soon. Until then, have a great weekend and Happy Thaipussam for those who celebrate it.

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