Thursday, January 13, 2011

:: a heartsick day out ::

Salam to all my readers.

Last night I accompanied my friends to Plaza Low Yat and while there, I took a chance to shop for cardigan at Sungai Wang Plaza and Times Square since both shopping complexes are situated next to each other. Last time I shop I bought checkered shirts and I was attracted to this new arrival Soda checkered shirt but sadly the price was soooo expensive, RM100++ and I don't think I could afford to lose RM100++ just for one branded checkered Soda shirt. Not when I don't have money right now. Hehehe.

Okay, back to the shopping spree part. I was searching for a reasonable and good-looking cardigan when I stumble upon this blazer-like cardigan from Radioactive. Again, it is great and cool but damn it, again it was RM100++. I could feel a different aura the moment I put on the cardigan but urghh, why they can't sell it for RM70 or cheaper, jeezz. I learned something yesterday, the cooler some things look, the more expensive they are. Fuck!

I was pretty frustrated coz my plan was to look for cardigan and anything that nice but it ended up I went home with nothing in hand. I had toured the whole shopping complex and had went to every single shop that sells men clothes and still I ended up with nothing. It's not that I was choosy but because of the size and the price. Everything that I found cute and nice, either they didn't have my size or the price was too expensive. My friend said that I am in a dangerous zone now, coz I can't find anything on my size and it looks like I'm getting bigger every single day. Gotta hit the gym soon!

Actually this is a delayed entry which I suppose to publish it last Sunday but I was so busy this week and now I got the time, so I'm gonna publish it now. I'm getting pausing every 5 minutes, I don't know why. Maybe I'm lacking of idea and sometimes I feel like blogging is overrated. I'm not gonna quit blogging but it makes me so stress to get a entry done. See, now I rambling and ranting here. I should stop now I think. Ciao guys!

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