Saturday, March 20, 2010

:: windy Judiene! ::

Salam to all my readers

this is just a quick and random update from a boy who claim that he is...ok straight to the point. do you guys like wind? yeah wind, the feeling when it blows your face and your hair softly and gently. it almost the same feeling you'll feel when a girl touch your cheeks, and smoothly she touch your hair. erkk?

ok la, no need to be crazy and giddy. my friends always teased me, saying that i'm too much feeling. you know, sitting by the window, staring at the outside of the house and feel the breeze hitting your face. to be honest, yes, i do like to do that. in fact, i would love to go to the beach everyday or a wide green field, coz there are the places that can make me calm and feel like everyday is a bless.

if i'm driving, i prefer to open the window and feel the wind, rather than turn on the aircond. but depend on situation la. i'm not stupid to turn off the aircond if i'm stuck in traffic jam. in case like that, i'll opt for the aircond. but my friend once said that, if you open your window while you're driving, it's more gas consuming than turn on the aircond. is that true? if that so, lets everybody open their window. then we can say 'Hi' to each other while we wait for the traffic light to turn green.

ohh, one more thing. i love wind because sometimes i can be quite a 'windy' person too. means that my emotion is not stable and it can change drastically depend on things that i encounter on that day. didn't i tell you that i'm a hot-tempered person? but not to worry, i never slap or kick people ass without any good reason. i get 'windy' in a right time.

told you this is just a random post. don't expect me to write another love story. ops, hey, speaking of love story, actually i do have some to share with ya. this time, it's about me. haha. will be writing about that soon. gotta go. daa~~

6 puji aku smart:

iyllienaz said...

ohh..i always love the beach..cantikkk..

Frodo Baggins said...

ok, aku nak love stry jer ... ngahahhaha

((windy? woohooo u scred me boh .. hahahha))

|arieza| said...

angin sepoi2 mmg sedap. jgn dpt ribut topan sudah :d

Judiene said...

Iyllienaz ~ let's go to the beach!

Judiene said...

Frodo Baggins ~ nak love story tunggu next entry ya brotha!

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ kalo ribut topan mmg aku lari. hahaha.

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