Sunday, March 28, 2010

:: i'm so confuse! ::

Salam to all my readers

love is so confusing. my mind block it from coming, but looks like my heart won't listen. it always welcome for love, no matter how hard i try. arghh, hate this feeling.

i don't mean to fall for her, it just a 'business' deal. only me and her know what the 'business' are. but now, i'm feeling this thing, dunno what it is but it make me uneasy. i'm not ready for this to happen. i'm not ready yet. actually it's kinda weird. usually, people will more than happy, they'll be exaggerating if they found a gf, but not it my case.

i'm not like what you guys think. i'm more than that. it just i can't tell everything. some of it have to keep to myself. and to one who i trust. i'm confuse right now. can't accept this feeling but can let it go either. to make thing worst, that girl is already taken. and i'm not a gf-stealer.

and yesterday, i saw her talking to the phone with her bf. i dunno what happen to me but it feels hurt, a bit. i think i'm suppose to just relax and act like nothing happen, but i feel hurt instead. "she's taken Judiene", i try to remind myself with that but don't know how long i have to depend on that.

right now, all i can think is, whether i should keep my distance from her or just live my life like nothing happen. i'm not a guy that people want to be with, believe me, you'll be surprise if you get to know me, i mean the real me. sorry, love is just not for me at the moment.


ok guys, previously in my entry i talk about Earth Hour and the conspiracy thing was not my idea. i just read from blogs and i wrote it down, so that i can share it with my readers. i stress it again, the idea wasn't come from me. we're cool!

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Just_najmiE said...

I like a guy who is taken too, and it does hurt when he goes out with his gf.. so i pretty much understand how u feel.. hmmm..

regarding the earth hour, i don't really care if u support it or against it, really.. so we're cool.. (^^,)

Makiko Saba said...

From an individual perspective...I hope you are strong enough for the choice you are making.

From a girl (ermm..can i consider myself girl lagi ke?) perspective.. It would be nice if you tell her the truth. She'll understand better. Should you choose to tell, a girl would usually feel flattered and respect the guys more. However, don't put any hope at the point of confessing..otherwise, you might feel bad - in whatever response you'll get ;)

It's my 2cents' worth.

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Bulan Yang Menggantung Di Langit Osaka said...

adoiiyaiii mcam mana ni ye.. bulan pun baru clashh so mybe im not the rite person can adviced u.. oh this is my new link

Anonymous said...

things like this happen.
there's a saying that goes..

ni lokman, malas nak sign in

|arieza| said...

if u really like her, then tell. let her decides. telling isnt making u a stealer. it all depends on her. be honest. liking and loving, it is beyond our control sometimes dear :)

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ hehe, it's ok. we're cool!

Judiene said...

Makiko Saba ~ thank you for sharing your thoughts. =)

Judiene said...

Bulan ~ panjang giler nama ko. huhu.

Judiene said...

Keme ~ i don't know if i have the 'best man' quality. hehe.

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ i don't love her, i just like her. but i'll get jealous if i see her with other guy. i think i'm just pathetic. haishhh.

lin said...


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