Thursday, March 25, 2010

:: a text that make me smile widely ::

Salam to all my readers

here a quiz ~ what is the best feeling in the world? it's very subjective and there are lot to be listed but i do know one feeling that stand out among others and there's no doubt that you gonna love it. it's the feeling when you receive something from a person that you have crush on for the first time! but in my case, a text messages from my friend, who told me that the person that i have interested in wanna get to know me. complicated eh, don't be!

it was like this. i have interested to know this person, but i don't have the courage to talk to her (like i said in my entry before). so, i asked my friend to be the middle person. she know this girl, as they was in a same lab. one day, she told this person that someone wanna befriend with her. days later, i got her email, and her phone number, and her facebook. what a lucky guy i am.

but still, there was no chatting between us. i don't know how to begin and how to greet her. she was always walking in a group, go here and there with her friends. just don't find the right time talk to her.

and this morning, i got a text from my friend, that said that girl would be pleased to be my friend and if i don't start, she will approach me first. ahh, what a good mood to start a day. hahaha. but it would be embarrassing and lame if girl start to approach guy first. it's like perigi mencari timba. but who cares right! lol.

hope the time will come soon. can't wait. finger crossed! XP!

p/s ~ oh, thanks to Cik Bena for this beautiful award. hehehe.

11 puji aku smart:

fitriah said...

perigi mencari timba? what's that? haha

yaziith su anaz said...

perasaan kenyang.

Cik aiNa said...

perigi mencari timba? skg org da x kesah pasal tu da. haha. kalau dulu² ye la kot.

ape pun..wish u luck ye judiene. mesti excited habes neh. hahaa

[z@ck] said...

gud luck weyh!

Encik Mimpi said...

gudluck gakk nnti kite pegi makan same bro

Judiene said...

Fitriah ~ perigi = well, mencari = go after, timba = that one we use to take water from the well. dah phm?? ;P

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ huh???

Judiene said...

Cik Aina ~ haha. agak excited la. adakah cik aina tergolong dlm golongan di atas?? hehehe ;P

Judiene said...

Z@ck ~ ape ehem2?? batukkah? haha. thanx weyh!

Judiene said...

Encik Mimpi ~ are u asking me out?? erkk?

lin said...


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