Saturday, March 27, 2010

:: Earth Hour - is it a conspiracy? ::

Salam to all my readers

tonight, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, over 121 countries have signed up for Earth Hour 2010 and will be in dark for this one-hour campaign organized WWF (World Wide Fun and Nature aka World Wildlife Fund).

but i'm not gona talk about the campaign, or what kind of event is that because i'm sure people all around the world have already aware about this worldwide program. i'm gonna write what behind this event, that i've been reading from blog to blog and websites instead.

ok, the idea of shutting down electricity for one hour in support of the global warming is great, you know but there some people who think different. you see, the organizer claimed that the campaign is just a step-stone for the global warming issue and UK, USA and european country is the country who've been supporting this event ever since it was held. but come to think of it, these countries is actually the highest contributors for global warming issues which derive from their industrialization, war, widely-used of nuclear energy. it's like putting a good thing in front of a bad thing, and people wouldn't realize it.

other than that, this also shows their powerfulness in planning what's next for the world and their strong-hold of human mentality or to be specific, mentality of Muslim people. i started to believe this when i read that high-profile Ulama doesn't support this event and think that Muslim people shouldn't be 'too supportive' on this event.

how far this news to be true, i don't know. i just write from what i read and share with you guys, you know, if you have opinion to share or if you happened to be reading the same thing like i did. but whatever it is, as part of this world, we should do things with good intentions, regardless how bad the result will turn to be. and i believe that, positive thinking and good intentions do come together. so now, it all up to you. think.

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chokio_nia said...

whoa..aku lagi lah..tatau apepun pasal ne..konpem2 kau tak lah..gelap kot..tamo2..aku dok2 sorg lam blek ne..nehi2..haha

Muz said...

Anyway,dont support the action of staying in the dark. There's much more think to do rather than that..hehehe

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luna_e said...

good write...!!!!!
bole x nk copy artikel u tulis ni letak dekat blog I?
Tapi..dari tahun lepas pon memang saye tak sokong earth hour campaign sbb dari segi realiatiknyer...kalo kite sayang sangat bumi ni, kenape nak diadakan sejam sahaje tutup segale peralatan elektrik. Siaran tv xtutup pulak. Kilang-kilang, pasar-pasar raya besar...mana ade tutup. Lebih baik kite semaikan sifat berjimat dalam kehidupan seharian kita..bukat time sejam tu saje. Then, yang byk, party2 earth hour. Baik tak payah....

agredd 100% with ur article!!!!!

[z@ck] said...

aku tanak komen pasal earth hour tapi nak cakap pasal satu benda je..

x nmpk pn parut kat dagu ko..

Just_najmiE said...

it's just an hour.. I see no harm to condoning it.. but different people have different views.. that's what makes us humans.. (^^,)

Judiene said...

Chokio_nia ~ haha. pasang la lilin. romantik sorg2.

Judiene said...

Muz ~ i'm not saying that i'm against this campaign. it's just other person's idea. not mine.

Judiene said...

Luna_e ~ hey girl, this is not my idea. i just read from other blog then i wrote it down so that i share with you guys. i support this campaign, not against it. if you wanna copy this, be my guest. =)

Judiene said...

Z@ck ~ that because my hand block my chin. the scar is somewhere beneath the goatee. hahaha.

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ i think you miss the last paragraph lah. hehe. ;)

lin said...


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