Sunday, March 7, 2010

:: Langkawi - the tragic holiday ::

Salam to all my readers

i was still remember, the day me and my besties went to Langkawi. it was on Thursday night, Feb 25, and we were all giddy and excited. we arrived in Penang and went straight to Wan's house, before continuing our journey to Jetty Kuala Perlis tomorrow morning. credit to Wan's parents for the warm welcome and all the accommodation they served. very nice of them.

the next day, we headed to Langkawi via Kuala Perlis Jetty, and arrived they at about 2 pm, checked-in at the the most budget hotel i ever been, CD Motel. the motel was cheap, as for us students, rm85 per night is cheap enough. the room was quite comfortable but the surroundings was B grade.

went to several interesting places on our first day there. Pantai Chenang, Pantai Tengkorak and Pekan Kuah are among the places that we went. the scenery there was sooo breathtaking and i'm gonna miss the blue crystal water and white sandy beach there. we borong a lot of chocolates and things at Pekan Kuah.

next day, went to island hopping - feel good - went swimming at Tasik Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah - feel good - love the scenery - got chance to watch eagle feeding - interesting activity - running out of time - went back to jetty and bought tickets back to Kuala Perlis Jetty - interesting experience.

entry about the accident will be posted soon..

5 puji aku smart:

[z@ck] said...

weyh..beli ceklat kasi kat aku sikit..

riBEna said...

lorrrrr soon plak pasai exciden tu?

mane ole2 dr langkawi tuk bena?

Judiene said...

Z@ck ~ cekelat dah beli, tapi mai blah sini sume cayaq. ehehehe.

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ nak ole2 ke? entry ni pun kira ole2 la. hhahahaha. bleh?? ;P

Moon BlooDy Spell said...

jalan2 tak ajak kite pun

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