Sunday, March 21, 2010

:: reunion?? let me think about it ::

Salam to all my readers

i've met some of my old friends on facebook, friends that i haven't heard since i left my primary school. some of them are recognizable and some of them are like totally a different person. i'm quite surprise to see how they've changed, physically. mentally i'm not so sure. haha. i don't know if they act like i do when they first saw me after 10 years. but i do think that i don't change much. just get a little fatter i think, especially on my cheek.

that's the great thing about facebook. it reunited you with people who you haven't met since your childhood and also can make new friends. one thing will be asked if you're meeting your old friends - when is the reunion? yeah, reunion. me, myself, doesn't like that idea much. not really. i prefer meeting at the mamak stall or just simply chatting via YM or phone. i'm a shy guy remember, so, reunion is not really my option.

when it comes to reunion, it's all a bit formal. not in term of dress code, but in term of the venue, the food, people who coming etc. if you organize a reunion party, well, it has to be something that you all will remember. you know, like meeting at Mid Valley and play bowling afterward, or throw a big party at the Zouk. i never been to The Zouk before. i'm not 'club' guy. haha.

reunion also can be a bad thing, to those who seem not to achieve anything after living school. i mean of course people will ask you, "hey, what are you doing now" or "where do you study" or "what course are you taking in University". you know, questions like this are a big NO NO for people like that. it's a bit cliche but it's the fact. they'll be shy or timid, surrounded by people who edu level are higher than them. me too, will be feeling the same thing.

so, if you want to invite me to a reunion party, inform me first but don't expect me to say yes straight away. the idea is fun if we just be cool and steady about it, not be fussy. but hey, i don't say reunion is suck ok, in fact i'm looking forward to see my old friends, in person. so, moral of the story is, be cool. hahaha. until then.

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yaziith su anaz said...


reU kat zouk cam melampauje. camne nak sembang sembang macamtu,,

i lepak pub kejap malamtu sebab ade function pon demam panas 2 hari.
u try la pulak ;))

chokio_nia said...

wah2..kalo kat zouk, yg pakai tudung cmne bang oii??huhu

btw, aku ske reunion tak kre tempat...bes owh jumpe kwn2 lame..huhu

|arieza| said...

hoh.. klu geng2 i, lom penah lg buat reunion formal. setakat ni semua reunion kitorg buat ikut sedap nafsu serakah.. baru cool kan :p hehehe

Anonymous said...


Try out this link;

Read few entries, you'll find it very funny and interesting.


Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ tu tandanya ko mmg takleh masuk pub. ada guardian angel jaga ko. hahaha.

Judiene said...

Chokio_nia ~ kalo yg pakai tudung, bukak la tudung. hahaha. kidding. takda makna aku nak wat reunion kt The Zouk.

Judiene said...

Arieza ~ that cool beb! like that idea! ikut nafsu serakah! hahaha.

Judiene said...

Anonymous ~ hey, i know you. been to your blog before.

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