Sunday, August 2, 2009

:: u are a BITCH!! seriously.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i know it has been a long time since the last entry
seriously i don have time to update my blog since i'm always tired and busy with all the worksheets and lab stuffs
but i'm free now so i'm gonna share with u guys about something irritating that happened to me and my buddies during Hospital Tuanku Jaafar's Bowling Tournament..

before that i'm warning u guys coz this gonna be a nasty entry
we, the trainees, joined the HTJ Bowling Tournament ni
rm20 fee dia
it was a fun event la since rmai staff yg join kn
ktowg mmg riuh gler r mlm tu coz i think we are the youngest bowler that night
marks ktowg not so bad
bleh r dlt no 2 or 3
and i'm happy coz aku dpt cipta my personal record la - highest pinfall 169
to be frank, our group is actually one of the top 3 winner
happy gler
xsgka dpt kalahkn staff tu


we didn't get what we deserved!!
bcoz we are TRAINEES!!
is that suck!!??
yeah, it is suck!!
we were disqualified and we played for nothing that night
it was all Sister Saloma's fault!
aku berani sebut nama dia - Sister FUCK-U-LA Saloma form wad 6C
she was the one who made that stupid and pathetic decision to disqualified all trainees
we were like "huh?? what's goin' on??"
the problem was she didn't inform us earlier
she claimed that the bowling tournament is actually utk satu pertubuhan dlm hospital tu which i forgot the name
and the stupid part was when she blamed us for not asking about the tournament
we had a big and nasty 'mouth-fight' before she went away without saying she's sorry or watsoeva

bkn ktowg aje yg bengang ngn sister tu
ade la sowg mamat ni
dia husband kpd sorg lab staff ni, sorry kak coz i don't remember her name
she was the one who told us that we were disqualified from the tournament
and she stood up for us even we are new at the hospital
she's really kind and cute too :)
and her husband pn disqualified gak
wlaupn he's actually one of the highest solo bowler that night
he deserved to win
our team pn should be in top 3
but bcoz of sister yg xde hati perut n perikemanusiaan tu, dia lgsg xendah kt trainees sume
dah la dia ckp, we all pay for the tournament and we should be thankful la coz da dpt main and dpt cenderamata
u know what, aku kre xberkat r dia coz mkn duit student yg xtaw lgsg psl hal ni
FUCK la seluruh keturunan dia!
we were so pissed!
this is soooooo not cool!

to akak yg inform ktowg psl hal ni and her husband
sabar and thanx a lot ek
kalo xsure ktowg cm terkontang-kanting pas result tu coz xtaw nape nama group ktowg xde dlm list top 3
we were sooo happy coz we thot that we gonna received the prizes and everybody will look at us and say "wow, they are sooo great!"
and to Sister Saloma aka Sister Bitch
u are surely a bitch
tgk muke pn cm bitch tua xsedar diri
she' so arrogant!
so full of herself!

but don worry guys
we all had made a plan
tomorrow, we gonna spread the news about the sister
and we are lucky coz rmai gak staf2 yg xske geng2 sister neh
siap la ko nnt!
be prepared!
ktowg xpuas ati coz rse cm ditipu
sumenye sia-sia je
but whateva it is, syukur coz we didn't involve in any fist fight with her
kalo x, mmg da pecah muke sister bitch tuh!

p/s ~ our group name is H1N1... :)

8 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

wow,u really were pissed.. and honestly, I would be pissed too.. sabar la ek..

Dhada said...

Ahaa sabar jela ..

EIPUL said...

aku baca pun dah genggam-genggam penumbuk. Kau dah kenapa sister Saloma, buat kawan aku bengang ni. Geram betul aku.

Notapinggul: tak pasal-pasal aku ter-EMO. Haha. Be cool tao. Dia akan terima balasannye.Siap lah! Tiba2 aku rindu nak tgk cerita Doremon. Siapa ada movie terbaru dia? Shit!

imHepPie said...

wowww...sabo2 oke??
dorg malu ar tuh kalah...
ilek2...hehe..jom2 mkn eskrem sjuk sket..

yaziith su anaz said...

ur group name tuh.

mintak ke??

[*Miera^Coklet*] said...

tarik nafas...
tarik nafas...
tarik nafas...
it's better right...?
wat la slalu bla rsa mrh.. n Peace!!!(^_^)

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ of coz r sume org akan marah kalo dah jd cni... hurmm

Dhada ~ huhu..

Eipul ~ yay! cmon eipul.. hehehe

Imheppie ~ ha'ah, taw xpe..

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ hahaha, grup name tuh our manager yg kasi laa..

Miera ~ orait, nnt sy wat cm2 ek.. heeee~

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