Sunday, August 23, 2009

:: missing the day.. ::

Salam to all my readers

Alhamdulillah, i manage to live until now, and the most important is i still live and i can celebrate Ramadhan, which is the most-waited month of all Muslims in the world
hopefully that this Ramadhan will be the best Ramadhan ever in my life
but, i'm not gonna elaborate more on Ramadhan itself but i'm gonna share with u guys about my activity that i used to do after solat tarawih
i was in standard school at that time so what we did back then was stupid+fun

i was with my uncle, who is 5 year older than me, so i don address him as uncle la
together with his friend, about 5 of them, we used to play hide and seek after tarawih
and it took placed at the parking lot!
there were many cars and the light wasn't very bright so my uncle said it was a good place to play
plg xthn ktowg main nyorok2 pkai bju melayu and kain pelikat!
so u can imagine how freak we were, wearing something like that, running and hiding at the parking lot

~ this is Masjid Besar Tanah Merah during the day ~

we played joyfully, shouting and running without even care to those people who were performing solat
and we sweated like we were soaked in water
i remember my dad would get mad everytime i came back, sweating the baju melayu
but sometimes i wore another t-shirt underneath the baju melayu
whenever i played i will took off the baju melayu and wore the t-shirt
xdela kotor baju melayu tu

there's another place that we used to play hide and seek
kt satu gerabak train!
they don't use the compartment at night
so that's why we managed to sneak in and played there
but sometime it will be full with charchoal and other things that i dunno what people call them
adik beradik batu la jugak
ktowg lompat dlm tu, panjat gerabak tu, xde pikir psl bahaya ni
well, we were still kids after all!!


p/s ~ i wish i could go back to that days.. missing the moments..

10 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

so u went to the mosque but didn't perform the tarawih prayers?.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

hide n seek in the of my imagination since dont have train at terengganu..huhu..(only in muzium..)

EIPUL said...

aku pun ada pakcik gak, tua 2 tahun je dari aku. kitorang masa tarawih, duduk kat luar masjid main kejar2, borak2...

kadang2 lah, bukan selalu. haha

riBEna said...

men nyorok2 bes!!!!

sHaH said...

ni mesti xsolat terawih nih?
gtau kat abah kang..

Anonymous said...

teringat kmbali zaman men2 nyorok2..heheh

yaziith su anaz said...


there's nothing wrong with running and hiding at the parking lot with kaen pelikat.

cute lah.

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ hahaha, mne de. smayg la dlu 8 rakaat then bru main hide and seek.

Mr. Homosapienz ~ then go to the muzium.. heheheeh..

Eipul ~ hahaha, bese r tu, zman kanak2..

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ mainan plg femes tu, hide and seek.. hehehe.. jom r men sesame.. :)

Shah ~ oit, ktowg smayang r.. pas abis bru men.. hihihih..

Lionteen ~ biarkan memori kanak2 awk bermain di minda.. hehehee :D

Yaziith ~ cute?? hahaha...

Dhada said...


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