Sunday, August 30, 2009

:: my Merdeka moments! ::

Salam to all my readers

as i typing this entry, lg 2 jam Hari Kemerdekaan yg ke 52 bakal menjelma
but as for me, no plan to celebrate the historical day of Malaysia
it's bcoz maybe merdeka thn ni dlm bulan Ramadhan and 2nd, all of my friends blk umah masing2 kot, except for me yg terpaksa tggl umah Faris, due to out of ticket
i thot i cud spend my weekend fasting and berbuka puasa with my family in Kelantan but hampeh je...isk isk isk ;'(

ok la, entry ni basically psl moment2 aku where i gained my kemerdekaan
hehehee, maybe u guys don't understand but this is my merdeka according to me, and my past moments
ok2, let's get started, shall we??

1st ~ moment merdeka yg plg aku rasa smpai skrg is when i finish my high school, i mean after the SPM exam is over.
i feel free and it's like a heavy burden was put away from me.
i was happy.
it's also bcoz i'm no longer living in a hostel, hahaaa, what a relief
that hostel u know, keep a lot of memories to me but i dunno why i'm happy to get out of that place (ok, i do feel sad ok, enough said)
but apart from that, i did missing my high school days.
who didn't miss their high school moments rite??
after this, it's gonna be hard to hang out with them coz masing2 ada plan
but thinking about i'm gonna spend 6 months without even bother to go to PLKN make me smile
at the result ~ i got this figure now (look at my latest pic laa)

2nd ~
i know, and i 100% sure, all of us don like attending the 'test lesen kete' session kn

dah la ngn JPJ yg ntah hape2 tuh
for those yg pro drive, then attend bnda2 ni just to get the P
haisyyyy, comfem cm sial je kn
same go to me la
i'm not pro at driving but what irritated me was i actually fail at part B, which was driving along with the JPJ part
and i had to go back to Kelantan just to retake the test
OMG! it was totally suck u know
and i was so damn happy when i finally got my P
it was like "owh, lihatlah dunia!!" xD
xpyh lg nk pgi Machang tiap2 hari bwk kete kancil buruk tu
seriously guys, i was really really really glad that now i can drive and all that thanks to the teachers yg ajar aku
this is one of my merdeka moments

~ if JPJ instructor tu cni ok gak =) ~

3rd ~ erkk, sorry, can't recall my memories laa
sempat dua stories je hahahaa
k k, to be continued k
stay tune...

well, these is my merdeka moments
ade byk lg sbnrnyer, just xdpt nk recall some of them now
i'll update it soon ok
until then..

6 puji aku smart:

riBEna said...

bkn men ske ek de lesen!
leh ar bwk zra jln2 ek
[mke x malu]

Ejay said...

is that how u define 'merdeka'??

Eazy Izzuddin said...

ku mmg bernaseb bek
test jpj dpt wanita..


Judiene said...

Ribena ~ mmg ske glerrr hehehee =) bleh ajer.. meh sy bwk keliling kampung hahahaa

Ejay ~ no, this is not how i define 'Merdeka'. thie entry is basically my merdeka moments, meaning i'm free from doing things that i don like.. plz don get me wrong dude! =)

Eazy ~ hahahaa, best gler ko. aku dpt lelaki, mmg hampeh r..

EIPUL said...


aku pun teringat masa sekolah dulu.

sambut merdeka ngan kawan2 sebab dulu sekolah asrama. Best jugak lah. LOL

sHaH said...

dat jpj thingy remind me of myself..
ari khamis nih nak g test jpj..

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