Friday, August 21, 2009

:: my Ramadhan ::

Salam to all my readers

well, since every blog write about fasting and all Ramadhan things, aku pn nk tulis gak la
sekadar nk amek pot je
lgpn bleh la aku berdakwah sket melalui blog aku ni, yg sntiasa pnuh ngn bnda2 lagha
this is the good side of me

to be frank with u guys, this coming Ramadhan maybe give me a new experience since i'm 'working'
so the tiredness is even greater compare to my past Ramadhan
like last year, i still can take a nap during the day coz my schedule was not pack
but working days are different
start msk keje kol 8am n abes kol 5pm
so i can't curik2 tdo la while working in the lab
gler ko, dah la kt hospital ni xde pot nk lepak2

i really hope that all the sickness and tiredness will go away from me
at least for a month coz i want my Ramadhan this year to be clean from any bad influences
but it doesn't mean i never had a full month of fasting
of course la aku akan pose penuh every year
jgn ingt pompuan je ade 'cuti'
laki pn ade 'cuti' gak tp tu bkn Allah yg bg, kte yg pndai2 wat
phm2 kn lah ye

actually, i'm just having my sahur while writing this
i feel a bit different coz for the past 2 Ramadhan i started fasting with my friends
but now, i'm with my cousin, and his pregnant wife
i'm not really close to his wife but she's ok and a talkative person
so, she's great to hang out with (xde double meaning di sini ek!)
watever it is, i really glad that i'm still here, living my life as Ramadhan approach and hopefully, nothing can stop me from completing my Ramadhan with gratefull to Allah for every 'nikmat' he gives me..

3 puji aku smart:

yaziith su anaz said...


selamat puasa tu yu tuu.

Just_najmiE said...

hey, happy ramadhan..
how's ur day so far?.. hope u're doing well.. take care ya.. (^^,)

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ hehe, thanx, slmt berpuasa..

Najmie ~ hey, thanx. don worry, i'm doin' well :)

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